GROW Ecuador

Early Childhood Education

Impoverished families that live in the rural growing areas have little education, and their children are already at a disadvantage when they start school. In Ecuador, we provided GROW funds toward an Early Childhood Education program through Children International.

Clean Water

In Ecuador, many villages do not have water that is safe to drink. We found that up to 69% of families in some areas do not follow appropriate practices for the maintenance of drinking or cooking water. Through a program with Children International, GROW provides filtering facilities and storage, as well as education for residents on how to make the available water safe to drink.


Micro Business

Often finding jobs in rural areas in Ecuador is difficult, and a viable way to make a living is through the creation of a micro-business. Since 2010, GROW has worked with micro-business programs in Ecuador to help give people in the communities a hand up, teaching them the fundamentals of starting a small business and how to make it a success.


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