At Organics Unlimited, we are dedicated to serving those in need and providing the means for a better life for the workers on our banana farms and the surrounding communities. Social responsibility is the backbone of our company.

When we founded Organics Unlimited in 2000, part of our mission was to not forget our responsibility to care for the workers and communities who help grow our high-quality organic fruit. That is why, in 2005, we founded GROW, a program that provides funding for various social responsibility programs. The mission of GROW is to create a better quality of life for not only the workers on our farms, but entire growing communities. The agricultural areas of Mexico and Ecuador are typically filled with families living in poverty, and we feel a responsibility to help provide a better lifestyle for them – regardless of their employment.



Our social responsibility program GROW helps provide educational, dental and vision support, clean drinking water, milk for growing children and other necessities to those who need it the most. We do this by partnering with nonprofit organizations such as Project Amigo in Mexico and Children International in Ecuador to provide these needed services.

As organic banana growers, we also consider environmental stewardship as part of our social responsibility. We are dedicated to farming using organic, sustainable methods, not only for the health of our environment, but for the health of our workers and the consumer. We also provide funding for organizations and initiatives that share our desire to preserve natural resources and create healthy environments for our future generations.



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