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GROW is helping communities in Mexico

Calcas en la camillaCommunities in rural banana growing regions oftentimes experience poverty that makes even daily life challenging. GROW by Organics Unlimited seeks to change that by donating a portion of the proceeds of every GROW banana to these communities. Because of GROW’s commitment to the community and in keeping with its ideals of service and sustainability, GROW by Organics Unlimited has been able to implement a culture that advocates quality of life for its farming communities. For over 10 years, GROW has helmed various projects in Colima, a rural state on the west coast of Mexico.

Every time a GROW organic banana is purchased, funds are generated to help these communities. In Mexico, GROW has partnered with Project Amigo, an organization based in Colima, Mexico. Project Amigo helps disadvantaged and marginalized children achieve their highest potential by providing assistance in education through material support, enrichment activities and healthcare services not otherwise available to them. Promising students in need are identified by their teachers, whom notify Project Amigo. The students then receive scholarships that help to pay for uniforms, textbooks and other educational supplies. Advanced students enrolled in university courses receive room and board at Casa Amiga, a safe and secure private house for students that cannot afford to live near the University of Colima.

GROW not only facilitates educational opportunities for children and youth in Colima, but also provides for other programs that help increase quality of life for all community members. A vision care program allows community members to receive free eye exams and glasses. Many times just the simple gift of a pair of glasses can help transform the life of someone, as is shown in the story of Rafa, a student who was able to continue his studies due to the gift of glasses. Dental care is also made possible through GROW funds. Members of the community are now able to have examinations, learn about dental hygiene, receive fluoride treatments and get new toothbrushes. Health clinics also receive funding from GROW, and this year mobile health education street teams were introduced as part of the services GROW funds.

Thanks to these programs many disadvantaged people can receive basic goods and services they otherwise would not. Many times, these are the same goods and services we take for granted, but for too many people, they represent a daily struggle. GROW by Organics Unlimited is committed to lessening that struggle, but can only do that with your help. September is especially important because it is GROW month, and we need your help in spreading the word. We encourage you to share #GROWmonth on your social media posts as well as encourage the purchase of GROW organic bananas year round. Together we can make a difference towards building more sustainable communities.


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Organics Unlimited Unveils GROW Ads in Pacific Northwest

Grow Bus

GROW Month puts emphasis on consumer outreach throughout the month of September

SAN DIEGO (Sept. 8, 2017)Organics Unlimited, an organic banana grower and importer with distribution throughout the western United States and Canada, launched its GROW Month consumer campaign in select US markets on September 1. This special 30-day campaign is designed to raise consumer awareness of GROW by Organics Unlimited’s social responsibility program, along with its organic bananas and emphasizing healthy lifestyles.

Buses in targeted Pacific Northwest transit routes feature GROW messaging to educate consumers on the importance of social responsibility, such as:

  • Sustainability is the fruit of healthy communities.
  • A GROW label banana is the most socially responsible banana you will ever meet.
  • Eco-friendly organic bananas come from the GROW by Organics Unlimited eco-family.


“During GROW Month, we hope the buses will inspire consumers to use the hashtag #GROWmonth and learn more about the positive impact their banana purchases are making,” said Mayra Velazquez de León, president and CEO of Organics Unlimited and GROW. “By buying our organic bananas, we want consumers to recognize that they really are making a wide-reaching impact across communities near and far.”


Since 2005, GROW organic banana purchases have provided over $2 million in aid for underserved communities in banana growing regions of Mexico and Ecuador. Through retailer and distributor support, a percentage of each GROW organic banana box purchased is earmarked for the GROW fund. Donations are used for youth educational scholarships, health clinics, dental and vision care in both Mexico and Ecuador.

Retailers and consumers can participate in GROW Month throughout September and raise awareness of the program’s humanitarian work by purchasing GROW organic bananas and sharing the hashtag #GROWmonth on FacebookTwitter and Instagram.


Organics Unlimited to Celebrate GROW Month in September

SAN DIEGO August, 2017 GROW Month, a 30-day movement led by San Diego-based Organics Unlimited, a grower and importer of organic bananas begins on September 1. The GROW month initiative focuses on partnering with retailers and media to create consumer awareness of GROW’s social responsibility programs which promote healthy lifestyles. The GROW program benefits underserved communities in banana growing regions of Mexico and Ecuador through the sale of organic bananas.


Since 2005, through retailer and distributor support, GROW organic banana purchases have provided over $2 million in aid. A percentage derived from the purchase of each box of GROW organic bananas is earmarked for the GROW fund. Donations are used for youth educational scholarships, health clinics and dental and vision care in Mexico, clean water programs in Ecuador and environmental initiatives in the San Diego-Tijuana border region and more.

“We’re particularly excited this year as our social responsibility programs have expanded health care services for even more people to create additional positive change,” said Mayra Velazquez de Leon, president and CEO of Organics Unlimited and GROW. “During GROW month, we want more consumers to connect with the meaning of truly making a significant difference in the lives of the less fortunate. We want them to develop a greater understanding of the significant impact their GROW banana purchases have and recognize that they really can help change lives.”


Consumer demand continues to grow for organic produce that is sustainably and ethically grown, but also contributes to positive social change. Since its founding in 2000, Organics Unlimited has been committed to providing a truly organic and sustainable product to consumers in the United States, Canada and Asia.

People can participate in GROW month throughout the month of September and raise awareness of GROW’s humanitarian work by purchasing GROW labeled organic bananas and sharing hashtag #GROWmonth on FacebookTwitter and Instagram. Consumers will also see outdoor advertising that promotes GROW organic bananas in select U.S. cities.

Organics Unlimited encourages retailers to take part in GROW Month by purchasing GROW organic bananas and sharing information with consumers on how their purchases affect lives in communities in need. Organics Unlimited has created a GROW month toolkit of items that retailers can use in-stores and online. For additional materials and retailer support, contact

About Organics Unlimited

Organics Unlimited is a San Diego-based distributor of organic tropical fruit from Mexico and South America, providing its traditional label as well as the GROW label. Its fruits are USDA certified organic for the U.S. and Canada through Organic Certifiers. For more information on Organics Unlimited and GROW, visit or call 619-710-0658. Check out the latest blog post from Organics Unlimited at and find Organics Unlimited on Facebook, Twitter or YouTube.

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