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Merchandising for Memorial Day

Banana batchMemorial Day, traditionally known as the kick-off to the summer season, is only one month away. This means that now is the time to start planning your summer displays of Organics Unlimited organic bananas. The last thing you want to be doing is playing catch-up over the holiday weekend!

When setting up your displays, think outside the box. There is a tendency to promote seasonal summer items, and while that is a smart and necessary move, remember that organic bananas go well with a multitude of other fruits, making them an ideal product for cross-merchandising. (more…)

Streamline Retail Merchandising by Partnering With Organic Growers

Organics Unlimited Banana PlantationSome of the most common issues merchandisers face include late or missing products and/or low quality produce that simply doesn’t sell or arrives spoiled. At Organics Unlimited, we harvest, package and ship our organic produce with the retail merchandiser in mind, solving these common issues. Since the task of retail merchandising can be stressful, it is important to carry organic bananas from growers that provide services catered to specific merchandising needs to ensure greater efficiency and increased overall revenue. When choosing to partner with a produce grower, retailers need to consider companies that focus on easing the merchandising process from the receiving to display process.


Efficient and Strategic Packaging Improves Quality, Boosts Sales

buy-sell-1When it comes to quality and convenience, our packaging process at Organics Unlimited ensures our organic produce is at its freshest from harvest, to export, to retail display. Proper packaging is one of the most important aspects of our business and impacts distributors, retailers and consumers. We begin packaging our organic produce only after an order is placed, ensuring our products are the freshest from the time they are harvested to consumer consumption. After harvesting and packaging, our organic bananas are transported in temperature-controlled trucks and ships. The boxes they are packed in are crafted to ensure sturdiness, proper ventilation and convenience when in-transit. (more…)