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GROW Scholar Graduate Conny Fonseca Devotes Her Career Toward Giving Back to Her Home Community in Mexico

Conny FonsecaOrganics Unlimited is proud to give back to the community through its GROW fund which provides children, teenagers and young adults living in rural areas of Colima, Mexico with the opportunity to gain a quality education and a healthy, fulfilling life. Through GROW funds generated from the sale of organic bananas, nonprofit organizations, such as Project Amigo, are able to continue oversight of services including health care, clean drinking water, milk for growing children and education assistance to under served communities often living in conditions of poverty. Among these programs, the educational assistance transforms the lives of adolescents and young adults with the opportunity to strive and study for the professional career of their dreams.


Mobile Community Health Initiative Promotes Disease Prevention

Community Mobile Healthcare ResizedOrganics Unlimited GROW scholars and volunteers are mobilizing as community health promoters to educate residents in Cerro de Ortega, Colima, Mexico on disease prevention, health and well-being. The mobile health initiative funded by GROW and run by the local health center, gives pre-college young adults and GROW grant recipients the opportunity to make a difference in their neighborhoods by promoting healthy communities. This is done by distributing brochures and discussing health practices and preventative measures against major diseases, such as information on vaccinations as well as procedures for fighting dengue fever, zika virus and chikungunya –  all of which have spread to epidemic proportions in the area during previous summers. Volunteers also distribute over-the-counter health aids such as electrolyte beverages and participate in health educational seminars to provide the most accurate information to the public. (more…)

Small growers are an integral part of Organics Unlimited

small growerAt Organics Unlimited we value providing fresh, top quality organic bananas, while making our commitment to our communities and the environment a top priority. One of the ways we honor this pledge is by working closely with small growers. These banana growers are farmers who are completely autonomous and manage their own lands and employees. (more…)